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National Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year Award Program


Program Background

The National Association of Elementary School Principals is committed to preparing assistant principals to step into the principal role. Recognition for the exceptional leadership of the men and women who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of PreK-8 schools instills pride in their accomplishments and reinforces their leadership in helping children develop a lifelong love of learning.

In addition to honoring assistant principals and their leadership, NAESP wishes to share their success by showcasing their best practices in a document for other assistant principals to utilize. A publication entitled “Top Tips for Assistant Principals” will be disseminated to all NAESP members either in print or electronic format. This practical document will be designed to represent the voices of assistant principals who have exemplified unique leadership in their schools. It will include all areas of discipline, success stories, tools, and practical solutions.


Applicant must be a member of the National Association of Elementary School Principals at the time of nomination.

Applicant must be an active assistant principal at the time of nomination.

Applicant must be an active assistant principal for at least two years.

Applicant’s school must be committed to excellence through programs designed to meet the academic and social needs of all students.

Applicant’s school must have firmly established community ties with parents and local business organizations.

Applicant must be respected by students, colleagues, parents, and the community at-large.

Applicant shows strong educational leadership by setting high expectations for school staff and students.

Applicant must exhibit exceptional leadership in a particular school program and/or is heavily involved in finding a solution to a problem faced by the school.

NAP Award Application Packet